National Pageant 

Queens are awarded a $2000 Cash Award*

 Travel Opportunities with your Pageant Sisters Including: 

Beach House Vacation

Disneyland Vacation

Full Round Crown

Rhinestone trimmed satin embroidered sash

PageantDoor Scepter

3 Foot PageantDoor Trophy

Official PageantDoor flower bouquet

Official PageantDoor Queen Portrait

Custom Crown Case

Crown Jewelry  

 PageantDoor Custom Jacket

PageantDoor Appearance Clothes

PageantDoor Luggage

Emcee Opportunities (Miss and Ms.)

Custom illustration of title holder

Hotel accommodations to crown your successor at the 2021 National Pageant

2 tickets to All events at the 2021 National Pageant

VIP family Seating at the 2021  National Pageant

Feature on website and social media

Official Royalty photoshoot

Official Title holder Photoshoot

PageantDoor Car Decal

Holiday Surprises

. . . and more gifts from our sponsors!

Appointed State Title


Queens from each division are awarded Title, Full Round Crown,

Custom Embroidered Sash with Bling, Crown Jewelry, Bling

PageantDoor Queen Shirt, Custom Scepter, Custom Crown Case,

Website Feature, and National Registration Fees- based off

package chosen.


Free Weekly Pageant


Winners are featured on Social Media,

and win a FREE additional entry to our Monthly


Monthly Preliminary

Queens from each division

are awarded a crown and banner, title, medal and

$50 off a State Title! They will reign for the year. They will also be

featured on our website and on Social Media.

Annual Pageant

Queens will be awarded a cash prize in addition to a beautiful

crown and banner, and will be featured prominently on our

website and Social Media as The Face of Pageant Door.

*Based off Participation Numbers